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Animated name generators, glitter, comment graphics & more - all free!

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glitterbank.com is your only source for these Glitter Name Generators, glitter words and jewel words. You also could make your own love comments with the glitter generator or jewel generator!

What exactly are jewel words? We have multiple styles for diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald are planning more generators soon! Are diamonds forever? Show that you are really a diamond in the rough or that diamonds are a girl’s best friend with our new sparkling diamond words.

Diamond Text

Ruby Text

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Jewel words are essentially animated gifs much like glitter words - to give your layout a flash of style with the sparkle of jewelry. Jewel words are also suitable for jeweler, gemstone, costume jewelry and jewelry and diamond related sites. Our simple Jewel Words Generator will make your own jewelry words complete with HTML codes to add them to your layout. You can also add jewel text to most PDF's, blogs, personal sites and others. Currently, our selection of jewel word styles include Diamond Jewels (White), Pink Ruby Jewels (Pink), Sapphire Jewels (Blue) and Emerald Jewels (Green). Show everybody your sparkling personality with jewel text.


glitterbank also has a new tutorial series on generating graphics for your myspace or other sites - including how to make glitter images. Upcoming series include how to create animated gif images, how to design your own glitter text, how to use images, HTML code and cascading style sheets in your myspace layout.


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